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If you are considering joining we would like to warmly welcome you;

please contact Paul Sensei, the director (details below),

to arrange to come and observe your first session. 

Classes are £90 a month, or £60 unwaged/ low-waged.

Yearly membership fees, which cover insurance, are £35.

Other costs are the keikogi (martial arts training outfit) -  the best place to buy them is online.

We recommend Nine Circles as a supplier:

As a guide for which size to purchase, if the keikogi is 100% cotton, it should be your height +2.5cm
If you chose a different supplier make sure they are suitable for Aikido or Judo as the karate options are too thin and can be damaged easily. Other suppliers: Amazon, Decathlon, SportDirect 


Eventually you will need to buy your own bokken and fukuroshinnai - prices for these practice swords vary according to yen-sterling exchange rates at the time we order them. 

All fees should be transferred directly to the dojo account:


Lloyds Bank

Acc. No.: 341 499 60

Sort code: 30-99-97


IBAN: GB58LOYD30999734149960

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